Neutra House Project Funding

Thanks to Our Supporters

Donors to the Neutra House Project at or above the $10,000 level will be honored on an interior wall plaque.

$50,000 and above

City of Los Altos (land)
Ginny and King Lear 
Santa Clara County Historical Heritage Commission

$25,000 to $49,999

Marion and Bob Grimm
Penny and Roy Lave
Los Altos Community Foundation
Peter Pau, Sand Hill Property Company
Agnes and Stephan Tanczos

$10,000 to $24,999

Kathy and Ralph Adams 
Le Boulanger and the Brunello Family 
Borel Private Bank  
CD Landscaping
Casto Roofing
Betty and George Cilker
Claudia and Bill Coleman
Lela and Will Corkern/Mady and Mel Kahn
Virginia and Guy Farthing 
James Forester 
Nan and Charles Geschke
Tom Harrington
Thomas Klope, ASLA and Robyn Reed, ASLA
Francis and Myla La Poll
George Limbach Family
Lea and Sung Engineering
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Mary Prochnow
Mark Sandoval
Louise Spangler
Jim Strand

$5,000 to $9,999

Coeta Chambers
Sisi Weaver

$2,500 to $4,999

Abby Ahrens
Curtis Cole Family
Harriet and Ken Girdley
Goggio Foundation
Meyer Appliances and Kitchens by Meyer
The Steinberg Group

$1,000 to $2,499

Alan Aurich/Jonathan Pearlman
Mary and Guy Ayers
Laura Bajuk 
Butler-Johnson Corporation
Arthur Carmichael
Valorie Carpenter
Coeta Chambers
Stevie and John Day
Peter Duxbury, AIA
Joe Ehrlich
Mary Lou Ferguson

Gail and Mark Goines
Ellen and Paul Gonella
Enis and John Hall
Paulette and Dick Henning
Joseph Hittinger
Cheryl and John Miller
Moira and Russ Quacchi
Patti and Phil Rose
Ray Schuster/Judy Staton
Stephan Tanczos

$500 to $999

AIA, Santa Clara Valley Chapter
Jo Buchanan
Richard Campbell
Michael Couch
Charlene and Jim Geers
Hon Mai and Joe Goodman

Judy Hannemann
Helen Helson 
Judi Keyani
Lois and Clyde Noel 
Jane and John Reed 
Gina and Luis Yanez

$100 to $499

Margaret Abe
Shirley and Joe Bailey
Sue and John Becker
David Boyd
Ann and Peter Bjorklund
Kathy Bridgman
Marge and  Mike Bruno
Jane Bryan-Jones
Joanne Byrne
Marion and Hank Cooper
Marlene Cowan      
Joan and Wally Cunneen
Dee and Jim Cunningham
John Doane, Picture Framing
Lynette Lee Eng
Evard Family
Mary Ellen and Rick Follenmeier
Friends of the Los Altos Library
Ed Hodges
Doni and Sid Hubbard

Liz Kniss
Don Leonard
Nancy and  Paul Lippe
Mabel and Bill Mayhood
Ed Miner
Merrill Newman
Carol and Bob Peters
Kathleen Pokigo
Ann Rando
Vicki and Dave Reeder
Toby Reitman
Virginia Roberts
Henry Roux
Gerry and Goody Steinberg
Emy and Jim Thurber
Marian and Frank Verlot
Cheryl Weiden
Anna Weldon
Patti Williams
Roberta and Dennis Young

$50 to $99

Lois & Bob Adams
Marcia & Matt Allen
Marge & Roger Anderson
Mickey & Wes Ayers
Cammie Brodie
Juanita Colehower
Ann & Clyde Coombs
Dorothy Dickson
Sheryl Dodsworth
Faith & Dick Duhring
Patricia Einarson
Sheila & Phil Faillace
Bernadine & Herb Fong
Pat & Chet Frankenfield
Ann Garvin
Dianne Gershuny/Ken Kaye
Bill Hannemann
Janet & Sam Harding
Monique Kane
Rory & Dan Kaplan
Carol & Jack Kelly
Carol & Ralph Kuiper
Sue & Peter La Tourrette
Betty & Jerry Latta
Louise & Bob Lee    
Cindy & Dave Luedtke
Jeanne & Duncan MacVicar

Dena & Larry Madsen
Mary & John Mason
Jean & Carew McFall
Lou McKellar
Barbara & Jean Mordo
Susan & Clinton Nagy
Ann & Warren Nelson
Marcia & Whit Newton
Pat & Dan O’Donnell
Patti & Joe Palma
Ada Palmer
David Parkinson
Pat & Bob Reed
Sheila Riley
Shelly Potvin/Mike Sutton
Margaret Sentous
Bev & Steve Shepherd
Frederick Smith
Susie & Rey Smith
Judith Steiner
Judd Stiff
Susan Sweeley
Bea Teer
Tamara & Jerry Tossy
Karen & Paul Van Buren
Mary & Gene Van Tamelen
Patti & Ed White
Judie & Peter Wolken

Here is a printable PDF document describing the Los Altos Neutra House Project.

To donate online to the Neutra House Project click below.

For more information, please contact:

Los Altos Mountain View Community Foundation