Educational Neutra House Tours and use of reference materials

You are invited to schedule a tour and/or use the reference materials in the Neutra House.

Educational access is free, as long as the house is available and a docent can be scheduled.

A house tour, introductory talk, and ten-minute project story video take about a half hour total.

You are also welcome to look through the collection of books and/or watch videos produced by the Neutra House program by the Architecture History Committee.

To arrange a visit, check the calendar on this website. Find a time that is not scheduled and that works for you. Weekends are often available. Then email your desired date and time to visit and we will do our best to arrange it.
Our email address is

A list of reference titles:


A Treasury of Early American Homes, Pratt, 1946
Art Deco San Francisco, The Architecture of Timothy Pflueger, Poletti, 2008
Bay Area Houses, Woodbridge, 1976
Built in the USA, A Survey of Contemporary American Architecture, NYC Museum of Modern Art, 1945
Domestic Architecture of the American Colonies, Kimball, 1922
Eichler/Modernism Rebuilds the American Dream, Adamson, 2002
Five California Architects, McCoy, 1960
Frank Lloyd Wright, The Houses, Hess, 2005
Gordon Onslow Ford Paintings, Neufert, 1993
Julia Morgan Architect and the Creation of the Asilomar Conference Grounds, Quacchia, 2005
Life and Shape, Richard Neutra, 1962
Nature Near, Late Essays of Richard Neutra, 1989
Neutra, Lamprecht, 2004
Richard Neutra and the Search for Modern Architecture, Hines, 2005
Richard Neutra Buildings and Projects, Boesiger, 1951
Richard Neutra Complete Works, Lamprecht, 2000
Richard Neutra’s Miller House, Leet, 2004
Signature Architects of the San Francisco Bay Area, Weinstein, 2006
Survival Through Design, Richard Neutra, 1954
Tomorrow’s House, Nelson, 1945


2 Gordon Onslow Ford gallery catalogs, Weinstein Gallery, 2007 and 2008
CA Modern Magazine issues, Arbunich, 2006.
Life Magazine, March 18, 1940 (Same issue held by Jacqueline Johnson in photo exhibit)


Julia Morgan, KQED Documentary
Sacred Spaces, The Houses of Worship Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

MP4 movies on Hard Disc:

A Conversation With Matt Kahn, 46 minutes
AAUW Connections Cable TV show, Marge Bruno, Russ Quacchia, King Lear, 30 minutes
Grand Opening Part 1, King Lear and Dion Neutra presentations, 57 minutes
Grand Opening Part 2: Barbara Lamprecht, Dion Neutra, Pierluigi Serraino, Jonathan Pearlman, 77 minutes
Jacqueline Johnson Story, 12-minute lecture about the life of the first owner.
Neutra House Story, 10 minute summary of R. Neutra, J.Johnson and the house and site project.
Neutra’s VDL Research House, 39 minutes
Volunteer Americans, 68 minutes