Fees and Guidelines

Non-Profit groups serving
the Greater Los Altos Area

$40 per hour plus $200 deposit

Private Groups and Commercial Users

$120 per hour plus $200 deposit

Alcohol Permit Fee $115.25

All rentals must be paid in advance to be scheduled within the current calendar year

Neutra House Facilities


  • Covered entry is 240 sq ft and is lighted.
  • Indoor usable space is a little over 750 sq ft.
  • Conference room net is 19 feet by 29 feet = 550 ft
  • Kitchen is 9.5 feet by 14 feet.
  • The rear covered patio is 100 sq ft and is lighted.


  • Conference room has excellent cross-ventilation and a quiet heating and AC system with good capacity.  The room is carpeted.
  • 36 chairs and 9 tables can be set up easily from the storage closet in the conference room.  The room can be set up for a meeting, for dining, for a work session with an audience, as a classroom with ten tables and thirty chairs, or for an indoor/outdoor reception without chairs.
  • Excellent natural lighting with 12 windows equipped with blinds.  Has classroom-level recessed lighting to support all uses.
  • A door separates the conference room from the bathroom and kitchen. A back entrance provides access to the kitchen and bathroom without going through the conference room.


  • A 60” LCD TV with cable TV, or displays historic information on the house via an Apple TV unit, or displays DVD player outputs.  FM and AM reception is also available. 
  • The 7.1 Dolby sound system works with HDTV, DVDs and music. 
  • The TV display can be connected to your laptop via HDMI, DVI, or VGA connectors and audio connectors. 
  • The connections can be made via a wall receptacle under the TV or via a floor receptacle in the center of the room. 
  • Power and phone connections are also available in a center floor receptacle.
  • The center has a wireless internet connection via cable. 
  • You project to the TV via HDMI from your laptop. 
  • You will be provided with thee password in a pre-event meeting.


  • The house is accessible via the east side door. 
  • The bathroom is also ADA-compliant.


  • The kitchen is very complete and modern. 
  • Supports catering for parties for over 100 people. 
  • Appliances include oven, cooktop, microwave, refrigerator, and a large sink with disposal. 
  • All counter tops in kitchen, bathroom and conference room are Corian.


  • The front and back patios are designed for public use, such as catered receptions.
  • Perimeter and path lights and soft spotlights make the outdoor space friendly at night. 
  • The front entry and rear patio soffits have recessed lighting.


The cleaning deposit will be used to put the house in the order in which it was found, if the users do not do so. 

Failure to leave the house as clean and arranged as it was found may also result in denial of future use. 

For regular users, users have the option of leaving the deposit with the Foundation. The fee is waived for persons or organizations having a donor advised fund with LACF.


Combination to a lock box with containing the key will be provided to you prior to your use if the Community House is not to be open for pick-up at the time of your meeting.

Insurance Requirement




Day of Facility Use Guidelines


  • All decorations and Post-it wall or table notepaper must be removed after the activity.
  • Care must be taken when writing on paper posted on walls to avoid run through.
  • Only painter’s blue masking tape may be used on walls. Nails, staples, and screws are NOT permitted in walls or ceilings.
  • Nothing may be hung from ceilings.
  • All decorations must be fire retardant.


Return of clean-up/security deposit is contingent on following the tasks outlined below:

  • Remove all decorations including tape or string from tables, walls, outside areas, fences, grass etc.
  • Clean sink, counter tops & cabinet doors by wiping with damp cloth or paper towels (provided) and dry with cloth or paper towels.
  • Tops are Corian and can be scratched.  Do not cut on them and do not scour to clean.
  • As needed, vacuum and mop with equipment located in the closet.
  • Clean out refrigerator. Do not leave food in the refrigerator.
  • Clean stove with paper towels and ensure all burners are turned off.
  • Do not use abrasive pads or cleaning chemicals other than soap.
  • Dispose of all trash & recyclables in bins provided at rear of house.
  • Return broom, mop and dustpan and vacuum cleaner to closet.
  • Leave same number of tables up and in arrangement as found when entered.  Store remaining chairs and tables in the closet.
  • Turn off all lights, close all windows and lock all doors.  Leave key in the lock box.
Provide a check for the cleaning deposit which will be returned. Alternatively, a cash deposit may be made which would be held for subsequent uses for your convenience.


Please park in the Hillview Community Center lots or street. Parking on the South side of street is forbidden. Only use Community House driveway only for loading and unloading — not for parking. 

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the fence gate. 


Please be aware that the facility you are using borders on a residential area. During your activity please consider these neighbors and control your noise volume inside and outside the building. Your consideration and cooperation are appreciated.


  • 911 for medical or fire.  
  • Adin Miller 650-388-0146
  • 650-949-5908 for LAMVCF office.